Jan NCNCA Meeting Report

We had a short NCNCA meeting last Sunday after the first Early Bird event. The main topic of discussion was the 2006 NCNCA budget. The budget for this year looks pretty much the same as last year with the following changes.

1) Increased support for the Junior program and the Cat 3/4 women's by $500 each to a total of $2,000 each for the year.

2) Increased the amount for equipment delivery up to $12,000 total for the year to offset the increased cost of gas.

3) $5,000 was set aside for new race grants. The idea is to have up to 10 $500 grants that first year races can apply for. Since first year races have a history of drawing small fields it was felt that these grants would help new events get over the first year hump so they can continue to be held and hopefully grow in the future.

4) $3,500 was set aside as special grants. During any year we normally get requests for money for various programs/events. This is a pool of money we have to help cover these special requests.

5) $1,000 for our ongoing sponsorship of the California High School MTB racing League

6) $4,000 for Equipment. This is money to buy new equipment, fix equipment or replace equipment ( like first aid supplies).

If our revenue projections are on target and if we don't have any unexpected expenses we should have an extra $5,000 we haven't accounted for that we could put into additional program support but for now we will wait and see how our revenue does before we plan to spend this "extra" money.

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