Introduction & Memorial Day Criterium - Last Race

Greetings folks... sorry to "invade" your forum, so-to-speak. Let me introduce myself, I'm Russell and I'm one of the medics with Earthbound Medical Rescue (EBMR). We're the folks that have been providing on-site medical for both the Mount Hamilton Classic and the Memorial Day Criterium and a few others (and some of you may know us by name/face and such).

I'm sorry to say, but the last race today (Pro 1/2?) at the Memorial Day Criterium had a somewhat serious crash in the final sprint. I was hoping that anyone who knows the rider, or more specifically how he's doing, could contact us directly (I'm hesitant to list the rider's first name, myself, for his own personal privacy reasons).

Put simply, given today's health regulations, we're often not able to keep track of riders and/or patients once they leave our care. We'd very much like to know his progress and how he's doing. You can email me either through this site or directly at SPAMrussell AT looseSPAMnut DOT com (just remove the SPAM and translate appropriately).

Thanks in-advance, and again my apologies for "invading" your forums.


My apologies if I've managed to place this post in an improper forum. If so, I'd be appreciative if an admin could move it as-appropriate.

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