Introducing Tri Valley Velo, recruitment closes Nov 1

Greetings NCNCA racers!
Just wanted to let you know there is yet another new club to meet and possibly join. We are Tri Valley Velo, with name sponsorship currently in the works. Focused in the Danville to Pleasanton region, we are mostly 35+/45+ cat 4 racers. We put our family and career responsibilities first, but have created a welcoming team atmosphere to support your competitive urges.

We set a goal of 25 members for 2010 and are currently at 17 confirmed members with a few more in play. So, there is still room for you if this seems like a good fit. Best way to do that is to check our website and join us for a training ride on Sunday. This Sunday, Oct 25, we will meet at Cyclepath of Pleasanton at 8:00 am to ride (I believe) Morgan Territory. You may also contact us through the website.

We are made up primarily of former members of East Bay Cyclists/InfoVista and new racers. We have a 5 race minimum, and you can see our planned races for 2010 at the website too. Many members also race track, mtn bike or 'cross, but our focus is on road racing.

Look for us on the road!
Ride on, Xeno

Confirmed sponsors:
Cyclepath of Pleasanton
Back In Motion Chiropractic and Massage (HBC)
Vigus Coaching (yes, Devon Vigus!)
Joint Juice
Sports Clips
Joseph Mendes Reality and Financial Services

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