An interesting race report

I'm not interested in being a "tatle tale" so I protected the "innocent", but here's an interesting report:

Sea Otter - Circuit Race --

I think that all the auto racing on the Laguna Seca race track has pushed the pavement up higher on the climb than it was last year. Other than that, I had a great weekend of racing at Sea Otter. The circuit race was fast but I stayed with the pack longer than last year. I saw hanging on with the lead pack also. I think she hung on until the fourth lap or so. A few of us then formed a little chase group just behind the lead pack. We picked up a few riders as the laps ticked off. On the last lap, there were eight of us. When we hit the windy side, I saw up ahead off to the right. As we passed I saw it was , a new Cat 4 teammember in her first year of racing. I yelled encouragement and then focused on trying to get in second position for the last stretches before the finish. In the second to last turn, I was second wheel and feeling good. The problem was that the woman on the front faded in the last straight stretch before the last turn. As she faded, riders came up on the right and left of me and boxed me in. I was now in a really bad position and had no choice but to drop to the back and hope that I could come up the outside and find a wheel. We were now half way to the last turn. Just as I reached the back of the pack I heard this voice say "Just tell me when you want me to go." It was . She had chased onto our group and had pulled out into the wind to give me her wheel. I jumped onto it and yelled "Now, go now." Boy, did she ever. I had a hard time holding her wheel as we raced to the last turn. We hit the last turn off the front. was giving it her all. I kept yelling. "Go , go! We've got it! Just put your head down and go!" I saw the finish line approaching and told her I was coming around. I came around and saw no one on my wheel. What an awesome leadout! No prior practice, no prior experience and it went like clockwork! What a great feeling!

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