Interested in forming a team

I'm considering forming a small club probably at some point later this year but before I do so I have a few questions.

How many members do I need to have to become qualified to be a club in the ncnca? Are there any fees that are associated with club size? while scrolling around on the member club link and road schedule I noticed that there are two types of clubs.

First there seems to be clubs like LGBRC, Berkeley BC, Velo Promo, Reno Wheelmen and many others that put on races. Then there are clubs, BPG/MontanoVelo, California Giant Cycling, Pedali Alpini, etc... that do not put on a race.

Being that our budget will be really low, how can I apply to be like the second group. I want to make sure that before I get organized that I have all the facts.

Garlic Cyclist

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