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The Winters course is having some difficulties. There is a short (100 feet) gravel section in the middle of the downhill (after the hairpin, before the final right hand curve) on Cantelowe. It is on a one lane semi-flat section, and is rideable, but riders must slow and take caution on it. (It would need an extra marshal and signage - the race route already closes the hill to uphill traffic). The County is reluctant to give a permit to use it, and we have negotiated a detour from Cantelowe onto Steiger, Gibson Canyon, Farrell, Vaca Valley and back onto Pleasant's Valley 3 miles south of the orginal pont. This adds 4 miles to the loop, with a new feed zone on Steiger, and takes the course closer to Vacaville, with attendant increase in traffic (on downhills on Steiger and Gibson Canyon, and on Pleasants Valley). More marshals, signage and CHP officers are required, but are do-able from the promter's standpoint. As I see it, there are three choices: 1) Go with the proposed alternate route; 2) attempt to get the County to allow the downhill on the usual course, with the gravel; or 3) Use a completely alternate course in the Yolo/Dunnigan area of Yolo County, mostly the old Dunnigan Hills course, which is still possible for permits.
What do you think? I'd need all replies by Monday night, 7/24.
---Robert Leibold

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