The Importance of Being Primed (a hijacked thread)

Quote:Again I don't think we need to ( or should) eliminate all primes, just cut back on the number per race in some cases. I also don't think the value of any pre arranged prime should exceed the value of last prize position gets for the race in question. I've seen a number of cases where the value of a pre-arranged prime is worth well more than even the winning rider was going to get in prizes. Now there really isn't anything you can do is a spectator walks p race day and wants to give out a large prime but I think the pre-arranged primes ( ie the ones the promoter knows they have before the race in question starts) shouldn't be worth more than someone who places in the money gets.

I have to disagree with you on this one, Casey.

While I agree that more than 6 primes in a 15 lap race can be cumbersome, six substantial primes create better races than $50 extra dollars in the prize kitty. Hell, most of us are racing at the finish for 1. Pride, 2. Upgrade points, 3. BAR/BAT, and 4. Prizes -- in that order. Were that not true, Velo Promo races would be empty. (Sorry, Bob)

Primes encourage attacks. Petty primes bring petty attacks, and vica-versa. Big attacks lead to break-aways. More sprints and more break-aways. Hmmm, sounds like exciting racing to me.

Crit racing can be awfully boring (and more dangerous) if everyone is just sitting in for the sprint, trying for prize money.
Remember the $1000 prime at the Carrera last year? The crowd loved it! Hell, the lead group had already lapped the field, but the anticipation of the big prime sprint was absolutely electric.

I often wonder what is the point of a 45 minute corporate park crit on a course without features. What is the motivation for anyone to work if you know it will all stay together? It might as well be a 20 minute crit. No one is getting substantially more tired in 45 minutes of drafting than in 20.

Then you look at the Dash For Cash. It would be a very average 4-corner corporate crit if not for the big primes. Instead, it's constant attacking and suicide breakaways. Primes that are as substantial as the finishing prize turn a duckling crit into a featured Swan of the NCNCA. The racers love it! And it's great racing.

Lets' animate the sport as much as possible, and reward those racers who do! Some of us would rather have our fun during the race and let the others get their prizes and points by butting heads on the last lap.

C'mon Casey! C'mon kids! Join with me in today's Zebraman mantra: More Jens Voigt!!

More Jens Voigt!!
More Jens Voigt!!
More Jens Voigt!!
More Jens Voigt!!

p.s. - Do you know if they saved my (used) water bottle prime from the Gran Prix 3's race?

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