How to keep up with Event Registrations opening

On the NCNCA website there is a page that shows the registration status of every race that is open or about to be opened for registration.

This page is automatically updated when the registration open date is changed for any race. It is dependent on the promoter or the registration company providing this information. We have asked the promoters to open registration on Tuesdays at 7:00 PM so that there are less surprises for the athletes.

Bookmark this page in your browser and check back frequently.

Alternatively you can subscribe to changes to this page by following these steps:

First, you must be a user on the site. If you have a forum log-in from the old forum then you already have a log-in for the new site.

Go here to register, log-in or reset your password:

You can also access your log-in from the link in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Once registered and logged in there is an icon: "SUBSCRIBE TO: THIS POST" near the top of the screen. Once selected you are given the option of frequency of reminders. Daily is the default and recommended. You will receive a reminder and link by e-mail every day that changes are made to the page.

Thank you for using the new site. If you have requests for new features feel free to communicate them to me or our webmaster.

Bill Nicely

Alec Berger

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