How to "Green Up" at the Ronde

* Are we talking St. Patrick's Day activities?

* How about Uber Environmental postures?

* The Green hills of Brisbane's San Bruno Mountain?

All these ideas are possibilities at this year's Palo Alto Bicycles "Ronde van Brisbeen", presented by Kaiser-Permanente but the real "Greening" of the Ronde will be on the podium - it's Girl Scout "Thin Mint" cookies in the on deck circle, just waiting for our top 3 racers during each day's ceremonies. That, plus the dollars and prize merchandise, should bring a tinge of color to competitors this year. And very special this seizoen, imported direct from Oudenaarde and the Real Ronde Museum - Ronde podium hats and bidons for our Sunday Omnium champs.

We have a new feature for our Category 5 race at Sierra Point on Saturday. We plan on starting the race with 2 neutral laps allowing first time racers a chance to to get a good look at the race course before the flag drops for the rolling start. Cat. 5 mentors from Team Oakland will ride with our novice racers to offer advice and encouragement. While the Cat. 5 field for Sunday's Brisbane Highlands Circuit Race has reached it's field limit, there are still a few spots remaining for Saturday's 6-turn circuit at Sierra Point - and the event is also open to Cat. 5's of Masters division ages as well.

Thin Mints...Bet you can't eat just one

Tom & Alec Simpson
Pilarcitos Cyclesports

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