Hiring: Test rider for fitness equipment

A friend of mine works at Expresso Fitness, a cool company that makes training bikes for the gym that have amazing realism (real handlebars, seat and your pedals, and a PC monitor showing where you're going and simulating a race for you...). They are hiring cyclists to help test our their equipment. Dude, get paid to train?! That sounds pretty sweet.

BTW, I'm not affiliated with them in any way except that my friend works there.

I figure this would be of interest to those who are trying to balance training time with income potential...which is every racer, eh?!!

Metromint Cycling

- - - - - - Job description - - - - - -

Get paid for working out and train for your next big cycling event. We're serious!

Expresso Fitness has revolutionized the indoor exercise industry by blending eye-popping virtual reality with a classic cardio workout. We are currently seeking very fit individuals to perform final test rides on our bikes as they are produced in Sunnyvale, CA.


* Ride upright and recumbent bikes that come off the production line by producing consistent power above 220 Watts.
* Follow instructions precisely and consistently and document the results.
* Participate in training and "ride calibration" exercises.
* Work with other members of the production group as needed.


* Ability to cycle a three or four mile course with average power above 350 Watts.
* Stamina to cycle for two (total) hours per day (spread out through regular 8 hour working day) at power above 220 Watts for multiple days with consistency and precision.
* Good written and verbal communication skills.

More about the company and our exciting products: http://www.expressofitness.com

Please send your contact information and resume to:

Rolando Zamora: rzamora@expressofitness.com

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