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A Quick Overview of the Registration and Wait List Procedures and Category Changes

After you have completed your registration you will receive a confirmation email and your name will immediately appear on the Registered Athletes page.

If a category is full and wait lists are added, you will be added to the Registered Athletes page with a (W) next to your name: however, your credit card will not be billed.

If a spot becomes available, you will be removed from the wait list and added to the category and your credit card will be billed to correct amount. You will receive an email confirmation and your name will appear on the Registered Athletes page up to 5 days prior to the event (After 5 days no additional changes from Wait List to registered athletes will be made -Onsite management only)

If you are on a wait list and no longer wish to be you can remove yourself by following these steps:
Go to http://www.sportsbaseonline.com
In the upper right hand corner select Profile
Enter your Username and Password and click +Login
On the left hand side of the screen is an option to View Your Events
Any Joined Wait Lists will be listed with a button to Remove From List to the right
Click on Remove From List
Confirm that you are removing yourself from the correct wait list and click +Confirm

If you request a category change your credit card will reflect a credit for the current category and a new charge for the new category. This allows for categories with different pricing to be billed correctly.

For Velo Promo Events Only:

If you can no longer compete in a Velo Promo event, you can request a credit by sending an email with your name, the event you are not competing in, and your category to Velopromo@sportsbaseonline.com. You will be sent confirmation that you have been removed from the event and a credit issued. There will also be instructions on how to redeem your credit.

Requests are processed immediately upon being received so please be sure before you send the email.

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