Hi from your friends at SBO

Hi from your friends at SportsBaseOnline,
We wanted to take a minute of your time to let you know about some major changes that are being added to the registration process-some of which you might have already seen.
Brief descriptions of the changes are as follows:
1. New Event Link Addresses: Now rather than a big long link in the address bar that varied from event to event, all the event links look like this: events.sportsbaseonline.com/EVENTNAME2011. These new links are easier to remember and also makes the event searchable across various search engines.

2. Most importantly are the changes we have made to the process in which you register for an event. The new registration steps are described below:
-What/Where- The first screen now has all of the what/where event information and only the register button on the right.
-Category Selection-All you need to do is select the categories that you need to register riders for.
-Confirm/Add Others/Changes- The new configure page allows you to do several things right from one page. Add teammates with the select tool, remove riders from the list, or change a rider in the list.
-Checkout- Just finish up and you are good to go.

3. The final change is the Registered Riders list. The list is presorted first by category then alphabetically by last name. The Waiting List is sorted first by category then by registration date and time.
The purpose behind these changes is to make the registration process faster and easier to get through so you spend less time at the computer and more time on your bike!

SportsBaseOnline values our customer’s opinions and we are always listening to you, the riders, to see what we can do to make the complete system easier for you; from thinking about the race, online registration, and onsite pickup to supporting results!
We will also be updating RaceDay software to allow for Omnium and Stage Race Scoring.
Once again I want to thank you for using SportsBaseOnline. Please feel free to call us with anything that we can do to help you as an Event director or Rider. We really do answer the phone.

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