HED Bastogne wheels STOLEN @ Hanford

If anyone accidentally took home a set of black HED Bastognes from the wheel pit, please contact me. They had a tag with "#759" in the spokes, but (I'm hoping) it just blew off and there was a mistake. If so, no worries, I'd just like them returned.

And if it wasn't a mistake, and you stole the wheels because you're just the type of greedy scum who does that sort of thing, you should know those wheels are special. I had a Peruvian shaman curse them so that only bike racers with a pure heart can ride them. If they are ridden by someone who is greedy or dishonorable such as yourself, an intense flame will shoot out of the hubs and melt your face off like in that Indiana Jones movie. So just give 'em back and save yourself the trouble.

Justin Fraga

Hanford Promoters: you had how many people working on this big, well-funded race? Great race overall, but couldn't you spare maybe one person to monitor the wheel pit? Kinda lame.

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