Hanford's Prize list

Okay, so after thinking this over for a few days I've decided to post this.

It's great to see events like Hanford award women a great amount of money. The race itself is great and I have attended it three years in a row. Yet, this year the prizes and money paid out don't add up for the women and I can't help but wonder if we were short changed. I don't want to convey greediness but here's my reasoning:

Typically there's not enough cat 3/4s to place seperately so the money and prize list runs 10 deep.

As a cat 4 I placed 8th and received 100 bucks and a shirt
As a cat 3 I placed 5th and won 200 smackers
This year as a cat 2 I placed 6th and got 50 dollars and a shirt.

I saw the prize list and it looked something like this:
280 1st
130 2nd
90 3rd
? 4th
? 5th
50 6th
40 7th
? 8th and so on.

This dosen't add up incrementally to $2000 even if you say that a safe guess for 4th was 75 dollars. From my understanding, primes are separate of the prize list????

Someone enlighten me,

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