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We've been following John Funke's weather suggestion and have been
keeping our eyes on NOOA - and they say a little moisture maybe
tonight/tomorrow but the weekend looks dry - until sunday night when
we're cleaning up after Round 4 of the BASPCS - presented by

Here's John's link for weather - you could look it up!

This year's Golden Gate Park course will return to more of the 2004
version that took place on Middle Drive West and the forest behind
Metson Lake. We're scratching the Polo Field track and opening forest
section from last year's USGP to avoid impact on 1 segment and hopefully be able to use that section in the future if/when we resume UCI events.

We're meeting tomorrow morning with Groundskeeper head honcho, Park
Ranger and Park/Rec staff to confirm our available territory and
think we're going to be able to achieve a 6 minute lap. Sorry, mud
puppies but there won't be any mud, GG Park drains very well and if
we've got some special sections, they'll be sandy. But hey! we've
always got planks and do plan for 1 "Hop-able" barricade, complete
with plenty of approach. If you're good enough to hop you've earned
the advantage.

For those riders who have raced all of the first 3 events - we've got
your "Accelerade Perfect Attendance" awards arriving soon. From
season standings at
over 165 riders are eligible for that commemorative prize if they
complete GG Park and season-ending CCCP rounds. You'll love 'em.

Cat "A" Men's prize pot is currently at $1,230 after the first 3
events and if we get 2 more fields around 40 riders they could hit the $2,000 mark and that will mean $400 to the winner of the series.
Check here for

Women's Cat "A" prize pot is just under $400 with 2 more events to
grow and your prize distribution is on the same web page.

And for those interested in the Biggest Race of the year, Northwest
Airlines has a flight leaving SFO for Amsterdam on thursday, January
25th at 3:20 pm. It arrives on friday morning at Schipol, you rent a
car, then drive towards Hooglede and walk the Worlds course.
Northwest price, round trip, is $675.00, figure $300 for hotels, $200
for a car, $200 for food (fud) and you leave monday morning from
Schipol and get to SFO monday afternoon, ready to go back to work
tuesday. World's Weekend! and properly Belgian-ized.

Of course, that doesn't include the gazillions of Euros you'll spend
on souvenirs - more coffee cups, pencils, t-shirts and backpacks with
Worlds logos - gotta have 'em! But is makes a special weekend
for 'cross aficianadoes - put that on your Xmas list. They're nearly as good as Bay Area Super Prestige goodies - and we've just added Sheila Moon wool caps and beanies!

See you in the Park

Tom & Alec - Pilarcitos Cyclesports
Thousands of Mice, Roaring Mice, that is

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