Friday Night Track starts 21 May - Sponsored by BAWC

Friday Night Track racing is back with the first night on 21 May. A Big Thank You to the Bay Area Women's Cycling (BAWC) for sponsoring the night. Food & Music will get this series off to a great start.

Registration Opens at 6:00pm and closes at 6:50pm. Registration located in the athlete area of the track.

USAC Release Form & County Forms are required each night.
Please fill them out ahead of time to speed up the reg process.

County Forms:

Juniors must have parent present to sign form. Current USAC license must be present at registration.

Race Fee: $20 (Includes $5 NCVA use fee, USAC fees)
Juniors Race Fee: $5 (covers fees)
Rental bikes available for an extra $5

Directions to the start location can be found on the Hellyer Velodrome website - site:
-Parking Fee: $6

21 May Schedule
Racing starts at 7:00p
Scratch Open 3/4
Scratch Women 123
Scratch Men 123
Sprints Round 1

Kiddie Kilo

Sprints Round 2
Points Open 3/4
Sprint Round 3
Points Women 123
Points Men 123
Miss n Out Open 3/4

Sprint FINAL
Miss n Out Women 123
Miss n Out Men 123


the Bay Area Women's Cycling(BAWC)
Bay Area Women's Cycling is an organization with the mission of improving the health and well-being of women and girls in the Bay Area through physical fitness.

Specifically, we encourage women and girls to ride bicycles, improve their cycling, as well as participate in bicycle races.



Jonathan Racine
2010 Friday Night Track Promoter
Hellyer Velodrome

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