Found seat bag at Merco RR 3/2/08

Hi Folks -

While driving wheel support behind the Wm4 group at the Merco Road Race, the moto ref handed me a seat bag that was on the ground after the field passed to take to the lost and found area after the race. Guess what never made it out of my van... :oops: Excuses, excuses, but between my son, who was my helper that day, and myself, I thought we had emptied everything out. This weekend, I opened up the back hatch, and there it was!

I can't assume 100% that it was lost by someone from the Wm4 group that I was following, as it could have been on the ground already. As I recall, the Masters 45+ 1/2/3/4 group was ahead of the Wm4's.

Anyhow, if you lost a seat bag at the Merco RR, please PM me with a description of the bag and contents. And your name/mailing address -- shipping's on me, on account of my supreme scatterbrainness!

Major sorry's to the owner! I imagine you're missing one thing that's in there in particular...

Kim Nutt

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