Follow Vehicles Needed For Bariani Road Race

As of this morning, we have arranged volunteers to drive follow vehicles for the Pro/1/2 field and the Cat. 3 field at the Bariani Road Race in Zamora. Unfortunately, at the moment the rest of our work force is needed to perform the more essential functions of a road race, such as course marshalls, registration, etc. We hope to find a few more volunteers from our own ranks to handle these duties, but it looks unlikely that we will find enough drivers to handle each field in each wave.

If anyone is interested in/willing to drive a follow vehicle for fields such as the Masters 1/2/3s, Masters 45/55, Sr. 4s, Masters 35+ 4s, etc., please contact me at At the risk of offending someone, I will confess the higher category fields (i.e., Sr. 5s and Masters 5s) are lower on the priority list for arranging follow vehicles.

A waiver of the entry fee will be provided to each driver. Of course, we will need to see proof of insurance before we approve a driver and waive an entry fee.

Thank you,

Tripp Goldsberry

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