Flashpoint (Zipp 404) handbuilt wheelset with Powertap hub a

Mike Garcia built old mold (undimpled) zipp clinchers. Front 20 hold speedcific (Mike's house brand) hub straight-laced with black AE15 bladed spokes. Rear Powertap SL 24 hole with AE15s as well. Also included are a wheel bag, latex tubes, Vittoria Corsa Evo CX (23) with maybe 125 miles on them, and valve extenders.

These wheels were purchased as my high-zoot race only power option. They can't have more than 300 miles on them (4 races, 3 TTs). I'm fat and slow and not racing now and these have been collecting dust (well, not really, they've been in the weelbag) and I need to raise cash for a new mountain bike.

To be clear, the rear hub is shimano-splined. The wheelset DOES NOT include the powertap wiring harness or computer head, though you should be able to score those items pretty cheap on ebay. Best bet would be for an existing PT owner looking for a set of race wheels. Also note that this is the wired PTSL hub, not wireless.

Basically a complete package ready to roll. $1400 plus shipping. Paypal strongly preferred (I'll eat the fees).

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