First Lesson for the "New" Board

A corporation does not exist on behalf of its officers or board members.

The board has a responsibility to the membership of participation and disclosure. We are the "stockholders."

What occurred at the meeting tonight was an absolutely ridiculous sham. That is my opinion as a delegate of this corporation, and the shared opinion of many of the delegates who were attending the meeting online.

The board needs to understand that they have a responsibility to the membership, who are represented by the delegates. The constitution of the NCNCA calls for matters to be voted on and decided by the delegates; there is no provision for decisions beyond the setting of the agenda to be decided in closed session. Did you even take minutes of the session, or are corporate minutes no longer important? For the board to summarily shelve duly made motions or change the rules of procedure off the cuff is irresponsible and unlawful. The constitution also states that Robert's Rules of Order are to be followed at the meeting. If you notify the membership delegates that we may participate online, you have to engage the participation of those online representatives attending!

As far as I could hear from the flawed sound system, there was no disclosure of what took place in the closed session to the membership, including the resignation of both of the top-ranking officers on the board, and other critical issues facing the organization. Rather, there is a gag order placed on new business. Is that the best crisis management strategy this board of intelligent men and women could devise??


Great "new beginning."

By the way, has anyone consulted the NCNCA constitution about who belongs at these closed directors' meetings and what their powers of decision are? As I pointed out to one "VP" this week, those who you are calling "Vice Presidents" are not so designated under the constitution and are not part of the Executive Committee, because they have not been elected by US - the power behind the corporation. That didn't seem to matter to that "VP", so I guess the rest of the ... whatever you would call the Star Chamber that just took over our organization ... concurred.

WE, the members, as represented by the delegates of the member teams, ARE THE CORPORATION! You have an absolute DUTY to allow our motions and to count our votes!

I know you have a lot on your plate, but the membership is entitled to know as well. It is your duty to divulge. It is your duty to allow participation. It is your duty to allow US to decide.


This isn't your little private club.

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