Into the fire-pit: Women's Racing, etc.

So, I'm reading the Cat's Hill thread and am thinking about what is going on with our NRC race in Visalia. We are doing, what I believe has not been the practice, offering the Women's P/1/2 and same HEALTHY prize list as the Men's P/1/2 of $10,000/day. We have 44 W P/1/2 signed up for the crit and 49 W P/1/2 signed up for the TT. Yes, there will be more signups, and yes we have races competing against us down south and up north.

So, Unless we receive appreciable numbers on the W P/1/2, what do you think we are going to do their prize list next year? We will give it to the Womens 3s, Women's 4's, juniors and the amatuer men's categories. How much will go to which category? A lot of that will depend on who shows up, and demographics.

The only person more dumb-founded by the registration numbers than I, is our Race Director Sheri Clark. Who am I? I'm the numbers guy.

Steve (Good lord have mercy, I hope I break even) Grusis
Action Sports/SSC Cycling Team

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