I want to thank every racer out there who has taken my series of clinics, starting with the Racing Fundamentals Clinic and also the 'thinking clinic', Tactics! Tactics! Tactics! I have only two clinics left this season with the next one on July 19th.

We can have the highest VO2 Max or the highest Threshold Power, but can that alone win races? That may be possible. Even with all of the power AND the inclusion of skills and tactical knowledge, Lady Luck may just play into someone else's hands. But, let's be prepared anyway!

I have designed these clinics with you in mind, to help you increase your skill learning to make you more comfortable and, hence, to go faster and to also use your brain to help affect the outcome of any particular race.

These are not lectures. They are very 'hands-on' clinics expertly designed by me to bring you to a higher level. You will not only address your physical skills and work on improving them but also the mental side that can take the game into another level entirely.

Please go to this link for further information and registration:

I look forward to working with you!

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