Feb NCNCA meeting report

Here is an unofficial report on what happened at last night's NCNCA meeting. We covered lots of topics so here are the highlights.

We received our final 2005 license rebate check from USAC. The final check came to $11,934. For the year we earned $30,275 in regular license rebates and $2,815 in special 1 time time rebates for a total of $33,090 for the year.

We currently have 2388 licensed USCF riders in the NCNCA territory. This is 25% ahead of last year at this same time.

Due to low subscriptions, less than 100, we have decided that it is time to stop printing the NCNCA Newsletter. In total we are now sending out just over 200 newsletters per month. In order to take advantage of bulk mailing discounts we need to be sending out 500 monthly. As more people have been taking advantage of internet resources we have been getting fewer paid subscriptions each year and we have been getting fewer race ads each year. We haven't cashed any of the subscription checks that have been sent in so far while deciding the fate of the newsletter. We will either tear up those checks that have been sent in or return the checks if people want. We will have one final edition of the newsletter as a going away edition.

At this time we don't know when ( or if) the District Track Championships will happen this year. Back in mid November a formal request was sent to the Velodrome Association asking that the Fri., Sat. and Sunday of Memorial Day weekend be set aside for the track championships. No action was ever taken by the velodrome Assoc to approve or disapprove this date request. Last month the Velodrome Assoc. approve another event for the Sunday of memorial day weekend. If the Memorial day weekend can't be used for District Track then the next possible date ( due to restrictions of the velodrome Assoc. and schedule conflicts) would be mid to late Sept. If enough people aren't interested in riding the Track Championships that late in the year then we might have to just cancel the event.

The NCNCA.org web page is getting a makeover which should go public this coming weekend. The newly designed site will be easier to maintain than the current site. The new design will also be less cluttered. We discussed changing our web hosting service. For the same price we are currently paying we can go with a local ISP that offers a lot more bandwidth and storage space. We also discussed the breakdown of what content should be on the email list vs the discussion forum. We discussed having the email list for time sensitive announcements and discussions and the forum for less time sensitive announcements and discussions.

We talked about looking into having all the past newsletters digitized a a way to preserve the history of local racing. We will look into the options of getting this done.

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