Favorite Race Shirt

So while looking through my closet i realized that I only owned two t-shirts that did not have some sort of cycling logo or race on it. I love and cherish each one like a fine bottle of wine that only gets better with age. My question to you is what is your best "vintage" in you "wine cellar"? I have two that I bust out for special occasions, usually involving beer. 1st is my 2005 Cool mtb Classic, hail, rain, mud, cant get much better, and tie dyed too! 2nd is the 2007 Modesto RR, how can you beat cows on bicycles with a white background. What will velopromo come up with next? I would like to see a Bob L. special edition T-shirt to be handed out at his 1000th race (shouldnt be that far off, and im sure that it would sell out). Also does anyone have a pic of the famous "Senlling" T-shirt?

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