Exemplary behavior by racers at San Ardo

I just wanted to complement the anonymous racers in the E3 (or possibly the pro/1/2) group for their admirable and absolutely inspiring behavior at San Ardo on Saturday. Several of the racers in the group crossed the centerline of the course to the far shoulder of the road, where someone intentionally shoved two of our non-racing womens team members, who were riding in the opposite direction of the race, and knocked them into the ditch. Both women received several bruises, abrasions and damage to their bikes, but they somehow managed to avoid much more serious injuries.

Knocking these women into the ditch was truly a class act on the part of the racer(s), and we should all honor and praise them for being such outstanding representatives and ambassadors of the sport. I'm sure the motor ref who observed the incident was very impressed by their behavior and blatant violations of the centerline and conduct rules, assault, battery, etc. Undoubtedly, he complemented them on their exemplary sportsmanship.

I'm sure I speak for our entire team when I say how proud we are to be associated with such fine, upstanding members of our small community. I'm sure their team sponsors would be equally proud and impressed! Good job!

Best Regards,

Jonathan Quist

(Honestly, I can't imagine the degree of acute testosterone overproduction that would be required to cause someone to think that such unconscionable behavior would be remotely appropriate or acceptable. Don't even think about trying to justify your actions by saying that the two women shouldn't have been there. THE WOMEN WERE NOT ON THE COURSE. THE COURSE WAS OPEN AND CENTERLINE WAS IN EFFECT. THE COURSE ENDED AT THE CENTERLINE. YOU HAD TO LEAVE THE COURSE AND CROSS TO THE OPPOSITE SHOULDER IN ORDER TO PUSH THEM INTO THE DITCH. Absolutely Un-freakin’-believable.)

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