entertainment and education: a Superweek crash


a couple of points:
1. sprint straight, should be obvious
2. if you crash, don't try to get up right away, cover up and give others a chance to survive
3. there is no need to charge full speed into a crash, you never know what direction the dominoes will fall

finally, be thankful that we have the benefit of the most experienced fields in the country. there are a proportionally low number of crashes in NCNCA events and it is due, in my estimation, to safe and responsible racing as well as excellent beginner and mentoring programs and a collective savvy among our ranks.
lets keep it up(right).

and also.......
Congrats to all the Norcal racers who made their presence known throughout the categories at Superweek.
I always had someone to root for, and they often delivered the goods!

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