enhancing leadership in women's racing

Blatant self-promotion? Maybe?

"Coach Lorri Lee Lown was recently invited to be one of a handful of presenters at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs in January 2008 for the three-day Enhancing Leadership in Womens’ Cycling conference presented by USA Cycling. Lorri jokes that this is a great honor since she’s only an MBA (and most USAC presenters are PhDs). However, she has successfully charmed Sam Callan (Sport Science and Coaching Education Manager) over the years during her many visits to the Olympic Training Center as a participant in other conferences. Lown, founder of Velo Girls, who also happens to have an MBA in Gender Relations, will be presenting on the topic of gender differences in cycling and how to develop a successful women’s cycling organization."

The conference is open to coaches and non-coaches alike. If you’d like more information about registration, contact Sam Callan at scallan@usacycling.org.

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