EMS Response at Merco RR

I just have to rant on this one. My teammate crashed in the E3's going into the 3rd lap. Apparently two guys in front of him locked up bars going straight after Cox Ferry (so it was a dumb crash, aren't they all). Well the short of it was he was pretty badly injured, there was EMS on site near the start finish. However Race officials (or the EMS on site) instead called for an ambulance that was deployed from Merced which was at the least a 30min drive and require another 30mins to get back to Turlock. I have heard there was an ambulance on site but it was used to only stabilize on site (what is that good for if someone on course is in need of stabilization)?

No one showed up for any other assistance, luckily two CalFire guys where just cruising the course to watch the race and happened upon the scene. End result was that he got to Turlock more than an hour later...which by the time the Dr seen him was needed to be mediflighted to a real trauma unit in Stockton. He's still in the ER

Why have EMS on site if you are not going to deploy them to a scene when broken bones and other possible injuries are apparent? I was responsible for getting to the hosp and contacting his wife, yet when I was in the support vehicle we stopped at every sandy spot on the course so they could sweep it.

Sorry, had to rant about this.

Pres Delta Velo/Williams Cycling.

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