EMC CRIT - 45+ 3/4/5 category is a success!!!

Welcome back to my favorite discussion thread.

I want to thank the folks at EMC2 for hosting such a fine race. What a great day out!!

I was very happy to see the success of the 45+ 3/4/5 category. We had 46 riders and a clean, fast race with lots of breakaway attempts and a bunch finish.

Absent from the 45 field were the ubiquitous dominators -- Larry and Peter, Mark C and Joe, Steve G and his Morgan Stanley army. Instead we had a generally homogeneous field of 3,4,5's with no particular stars and no teams of more than three riders, and that made for some fine competition. I also got to ride with some teammates who aren't normally anxious to throw down $25 to get spanked by the Big Boys.

Larry and Mark and Steve and Morgan Stanley rode the 35+ 1/2/3's and got to use their impressive skill and tactics there, with a very level playing field. (And what a great race it was, gentlemen, even though I ended up toasted, watching its latter half from the shade). :roll:

I would like to have feedback from the 45's who were included in and excluded from the field. In previous posts I have argued the logic of this field, and I'd like to hear the impressions of those who were affected. I'd especially like to hear from the promoters of EMC2 as to its perceived level of success, and to engage future promoters as to its desirability for their events.


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