An Elephantine Issue

Quote:There's even been suggestions to open some clydesdale races, albeit tongue in cheek.
Skot McDaniel - Self Appointed President: Clydesdale Faction

Hold on now, brother Clyde. "Tongue in cheek?" Are you suggesting something about the size of my cheeks? Or Chris Black's tongue?

If you really want to be the president of Brobdingnag (or wherever it was that the Big People live) you must learn how to take a giant seriously. "Don't want to be a fat man, people would think that I was just good fun." - Jethro Tull

Is there a point? Yes. Clydesdale category is cool. Wouldn't it be fun for the pencil-neckers to watch those (we) big, smelly, sweaty crit monsters towing their (my) beef wagons up Tamalpais or Diablo or Cat's Hill or Pine Flat?

[cue sound: Ron's keyboard cranking up a biting defense of the little man]

C'mon Casey, give me some strong supporting stats!! You're one of us!
PROMOTERS: LET THE CLYDESDALES GALLUP!! (or at least canter ...)

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