Electronic Scoring

The company is in Dublin, http://www.buzzwordproductions.com/
I spoke to Buzz today and mentioned all of the concerns about scoring a mass finish race like a crit. Width of the finish line, a mass of riders crossing within miliseconds of each other. He had solutions to all of these concerns.
While he is using the Champion Chip, it is not a problem to get enough width as they can use two systems in tandem set up at opposite side of the finish line. We typically have centerline rule in affect on most RR, and we are limited to a country road thats only 30' wide (leaving 15' for the sprint) anyway. So I don't see this as a real issue.

One of the many advantages is that the software will track the riders every lap. Think about all the applications of that feature. For one you will have exact split times/gaps for breakaways in realtime. These results can even be posted or transmitted on a big screen for spectators.

The cost is a little more than originally stated, but that cost per rider goes down depending on the number of participants.

Let's stop living in the excuses and start looking for the solutions. The answer is in the solution, not the problem.

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