Easy Bay CX Livermore/ overall results

Has anybody seen the results for the day or the overall standings? There was supposed to be some kind of payout for the overall down to 6th? I did well in both rounds (1st and 3rd) and have sent 2 emails to Velo Promo with no response. I know everyone is busy over the holidaze and all but if you pay for a race and try to run the series and there is supposed to be some kind of "prize" they should be given out. I had a great time at livermore and will go again next year if it happens. I say if because it seemed like there was a rather poor turnout, although I don't know why, the course rocks.

Anyway I just would like to know what the overall was and if I actually get anything $5, a t-shirt, or a big wet kiss ;) Bob (I think) stated that any winnings would be mailed out and if nothing showed to email him. I used the email velopro1@sonnet.com maybe this isn't the correct one?

Casey? might you be able to shed some light on this?


Nick Hanni

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