Early Season Result Errors


I'd like to bring something up for discussion that might be affecting people outside of my own club (SJBC). Our race team name has changed for 2010; we're now "SJBC". However, early season results like San Bruno, and I fear others toward the end of the month, may not capture these changes.

I'd hate to see racers not get the appropriate credit for their club in the BAT standings if they are in this situation. With racers moving to different teams and teams potentially modifying their race team name (like us), there's an opportunity for mistakes to happen.

On a more personal note with our club, we had the top 2 finishers in the 35+ category at San Bruno. However, the results aren't correct and I'm hoping the promoter will modify them accordingly.

Lorri & board, is there anything we can do to make these transitions better for riders and clubs? BAT standings are important to some clubs and I'd hate to see teams lose out on potential points for something that would seem easy to fix.


Todd Manley
SJBC President & Race Team Coordinator

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