The Early Bird Female Bring it on

Plenty of Opportunity for the Female Racer at the Early Birds 2009

8:30 women cat 3 (50 min) race/debriefing
9:30 advance strategies and tactics
10:30 women 123 (75 min) race
noon early bird mentoring (fundamentals)
1:00 women cat 4 (40 min) race/debriefing
3:15 junior girls (16 and under) (30 min) race/debriefing

Are you ready for criterium race training? Bring the team to practice
strategies and tactics. Most important; encourage beginner female
racers to attend the early bird mentoring (fundamentals) and the
mentored criterium race (wcat4). A smart way to grasp the fundamentals,
get comfortable in a pack and ask questions from our skilled mentors.

Also the Get Ready for Racing Clinic on January 3rd is a
clinic that supports female beginner racers to better understand
race fundamentals and to gain knowledge about the early bird series and routine routine.

Hope to see you in January.
Laurie Fenech

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