A Dunnigan Thank You

Velo Promo and associates,

Thanks for a fantastic venue this morning at the Dunnigan Hills Road Race! The course was beautiful, the power hills challenging. A HUGE turnout.
Pertaining to the course, there was only one flaw...the finish hill. Maybe next year (you ARE going to keep this one on the schedule aren't you!?) a course marshal can be placed just over the hill to stop oncoming traffic when a finishing group is approaching. The one narrow lane didn't allow for anyone to sprint effectively.
If you will also notice the good turnout of Masters 55+. Not being daunted by racing with the 45+ 1/2/3 types really brought out some good racers who may have stayed home. Also, incorporating the other Masters Women was good! They were very skilled and fast. It was a good move on your part, even though you were trying to just get thinks rolling! I want to thank all of you, your staff and volunteers and the CHP for putting this one on.

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