Dunnigan Hills RR centerline infractions

At the onset of our race (Master45+A) we were told that the centerline rule (3B1) would be enforced. Our group did pretty well in that there wasn't "dangerous" crossing of the line except in a few cases. Number 879 repeatedly crossed over to advance his position, and even when a CAR WAS APPROACHING from the oppsite direction past the feed zone! And #865 was told to retreat to the back as we approached the finish, but he was PUSHED by #858 (who finished 2nd) across the line to the suprise of other riders. Check rule 10 1 and 10 8 for clarification of this infraction.
So the rider protested when the results were finished. Here's my question- Do we have to know the exact rule number of the alleged infraction to protest and pay the fee and submit it in writing each time we seek fair treatment?

Secondly, the finish area was very narrow, complicated by the riders who looped back upon finishing. Rule 3A8 is there to insure "crowd control at the finish". Some riders are listed as finishing twice; today it was #859(he finished 6th AND 30th) and #882 (he finished 19th AND 39th). If this were a stage race finish, they could be fined--rule 4H16a. It seemed unsafe to have riders looping back on this narrow road when other riders are still finishing in the group. Perhaps in the future we should tell riders that those who "finish" twice could be given the last place they finished?

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