Donate Spare Tools to Project Rwanda at Cat's Hill

At the end of May, seven Cal Cyclists will be traveling to Rwanda to work with Project Rwanda on the Coffee Bike Project. We will be assembling 'coffee bikes', training mechanics and setting up a network of bicycling cooperatives that serve independent coffee farmers.

The goal of the Coffee Bike Project is to help Rwanda by helping its farmers. Mountain bike legend Tom Ritchey has designed and shipped special 'coffee bikes' to Rwanda to distribute among the independent farmers through a special micro-loan system. These bikes have been designed to carry extremely large loads of raw coffee beans to the washing stations in a shorter amount of time. This results in a fresher product that the farmers can then sell at a higher price. You can find out more about the the bike and the amazing work that Project Rwanda does at

We are looking to raise awareness about the project and to gain support from the local cycling community. You can help us in two ways:
1. We are collecting spare tools that people might have laying around that we will use to supply farmers and the cooperatives so that they can maintain their bicycles.
2. We are soliciting donations to help fund our trip. Funds will be used for airfare and transport of materials to Rwanda.

We will be at the Cat's Hill Classic on Saturday May 3rd collecting any spare tools that people have laying around and are willing to donate. If you can't make it to the race, please contact us and we'll try to arrange a time to pick up the tools from you. We particularly need multi-tools to distribute to the farming cooperatives.

Donations can be made through the Project Rwanda website at . You can either donate online via Paypal or by filling out a donation form and mailing it to Project Rwanda. Please make sure that you select the box that shows that donations should go to the Cal Cycling trip. You do not have to select a specific rider if you want the donation to go to the group.

Even if you don't have any tools to donate, be sure to come visit us at our booth and test ride a coffee bike and find out more about the project and our trip.

Any questions about this trip can be directed to Joshua Adelman (

Thank you for your support,
Josh Adelman
Elliot Brenner
Alvin Chang
Gretchen Faust
Josh Jamner
Maureen Kunz
Wes Willett

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