a disgusting display non sportsmanship

today I had to be a witness to the possible suspension of a cat 4 rider at the santa rosa crit. He rightfully deserves the suspension, no asault of any kind on another racer during, after or on the grounds of an event should be tolerated (and wasnt) by either the promotor or his club/team.
The assault was after the finnish when one rider was upset (but did not use rude or vulgar language) with another rider giving up and braking hard into the final turn. He mentioned this to the other rider tactfully, and the other rider answered with a solid hit to the back of the other rider while still riding. The rider that was hit handled it apropiatly by gathering witnesses and aproaching the head official. The subject was handled very well by the official (I feel sorry for the extra work created by this action), but my concern is how his club/team handled it.
There reaction right after this event when the riders were confirming the assualters number was to yell at him to remove his number, as an attempt to protect him from everyone confirming his race number.
My question is how would the senior members or other teammates of other clubs handle this situation? I know what actions I would take but I am intrested in the majorities response to this.
I have witnesses many angry or aggressive actions by other riders but none this blatent.

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