Discussion about CAT5 Racers and Racing Opportunities

Rather than highjack Jess' candidates' forum thread, it probably makes more sense to move the discussion of CAT5s to its own topic

I think this is a worthy discussion and I'd like to add to it.

Casey, since you know stuff like this, how many CAT5 racing opportunities were there in 2009?

Of the 3,650,987 (small exaggeration) CAT5s in the district, do we know how many of those raced 10+ times? 5-9 times? 1-4 times? I think this is relevant data to this discussion, because my hunch is that there are those CAT5s who race a full season (and thus upgrade) and those who dabble, racing only one or two races and then never race again.

I find it difficult to imagine that if someone is interested in "actively" racing, he wouldn't have that opportunity. Yes, there are limited opportunities for CAT5s to race and their fields fill quickly, but I don't think the lack of opportunity is as great as the numbers might suggest. Of all the CAT5s, my guess is that only a small proportion of them are active racers and the others are just dabblers.

For many road races, the solution is to simply add a second CAT5 race. Criteriums, more limited in schedule, probably can't do that. However, there's no reason (except financial potential) that a race promoter couldn't offer more than one CAT5 field in a given day.


ps -- if we don't tell the CAT5s about the forum we won't have to hear them complain.

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