Disappointed with Timpani

I was disappointed that, despite advertising on the race flyer that the women's Cat 1/2 and Cat 3 races at Timpani would have a staggered start, the officials announced at the start line that there would be no staggered start and we would all race together. There was no explanation other than that it was the Chief Referee's decision. This race is part of the Bay Area Women's Points Series whose purpose is to give women encouragement to race by having separate races for the Cat 3s and 4s. Brooke Kuhn puts a lot of work into this program and seeks out races that specifically will have separate races for the Cat 3s and 4s. More disappointing was that Brooke lined up sponsors who donated primes to this race specifically for the Cat 3 women which were scooped up by Cat 2s. Would the Cat 3 men ever be told at the start line that they would be racing with the Cat 1/2s? Who's responsibility is it to make sure that the flyer is how the race is run? I doubt the race organizers had any idea that the officials were going to do this at the last minute or they would have changed the flyer. Normally racing several categories together wouldn't be a big deal but when it is a change that happens at the start line and defeats the whole purpose of the points series, it's disappointing.

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