Differing view's of USAC's online registration--from So Cal

Last week's CBR blog from its opinionated Director:

For-profit USA Cycling corp. to make more money off the backs of racers!!!
Just when you think it couldn't get any worse, they found a way to make more money from you! Not only do they want you to register your club for $150/yr, not only do they make money off of their $3/racer insurance policy, not only do they lie to you by telling you that your club must promote a race (think WMDs in Iraq), but they also want you to (very soon) register online for their USCF races with only their registration process! Think active.com fees but bigger! They're not gonna charge just enough to cover costs because that's what a non-profit does...the for-profit USA Cycling will charge more money than needed so that they can ensure a good profit from their "registration" revenue generator! Let's re-cap: they profit from club/team registration, they profit from their insurance policy, they profit from the annual license fee, and now they're gonna profit from their new race registration process.
If it walks like Wiesel, talks like Wiesel & smells like Wiesel.....

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