The difference between Criminal Case and Hidden Objects

We've seen enough hidden thing titles where realistic pictures of amazing views, fancy rooms, famous attractions, and unique decorations and properties. Nevertheless, Criminal Case is neither the kind of Hidden Object game you've performed nor the kind you would expect.

The game fuses offense investigation with concealed thing gaming element. In each crime scene - at the entrance of town, in a lawn, or in a grimy bathroom - you are about to seek out specific items, including those crucial for your investigation, for example the murder weapon and lacking sections of the victims. As in many games of this style, Criminal Case has product names listed in the base while allowing players to request tips.

Well, the examining doesn't come easy. You need to complete the investigations as fast as you can to earn stars, that will give access to new scenes and examinations. Which necessitates revisits to criminal scenes you've investigated. You are able to obtain some free stars by visiting this blog: read

When you have sufficient power in stock but investigation, or to be unique, the concealed object spotting, can be done only. For an instance refill or the speed-up of an on-going procedure, you have to spend money, or the premium cash. But you will never get any cash if you don't pay actual money.

However, Criminal Case offers something more than investigating and hidden thing hunting. In every circumstance you inquire, an additional image is supplied and could be exposed once you've received enough stars in the prior investigation. This graphic could be identical with one in the investigation but is split into small pieces, and some pieces have been put in a random sequence. You've got to put those in the correct place as quickly as possible to get extra rewards. The bad news is that this puzzle also costs 20 power points each.

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