davis wheelworks!!!

This shop and its employees have set a standard of work ethics, and customer service that all shops should strive to match! Even though I live in San Mateo I made the decision to order my SRM and Q-rings from Davis Wheelworks initially because they were the only ones to have the Q-rings in stock. My experience was pleasant from the initial phone call right through to the end. True to there word they emailed me the tracing number for the shipment as soon as they got it. This way I could track and plan my drive up for installation. After battling Friday night night traffic to get up there in time for them to install the SRM before they closed, we found out there was a problem with the SRM or cranks. Man these guys sat there and tried to figure it out and tried to come up with a solution to get it to work. I sat there listening to these guys talk and if there was a degree for bicycle engineer these guys would be at the top of the class. It was like sitting in the middle of a bunch of super geek I.T. guys trouble shooting a super computer. I could not believe these guys. After working past closing, it was decided it was a machining issue that would need to be warrantied. SRM paid for over night shipping both ways and it was back in the shop by Thursday.
They set up an appointment for me an hour before they opened so I could get this installed and get out on a ride. It has been a long time, matter of fact I think it was my last trip to Denmark, that I got customer service like this.

Davis Wheelworks thank you!

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