Das vedanya, Comrades! Time for CCCP and Districts

Coyote Point Recreation Area in San Mateo will again host the finale
of the Bay Area Super Prestige Cyclocross Series, presented by
Accelerade as riders will get a handsome taste of sand and maybe even
sea weed! Winter high tides means the edge of the 80 yard long beach
obstacle will be right on San Francisco Bay when the "Ritchey Walk-on-
the-Beach" greets riders at the halfway point of each lap.

Season standings can be found on the Pilarcitos results link at

and the description of the traditional Pilarcitos points in the
series can be found at this link describing the finale and the
augmented points available for this 5th and final round - not quite
double points for the finale but a big enough bump for lots of


Coyote Point (CCCP) will also function as Northern
California/Nevada's District Championship race where our 2006 Champs
will be crowned. The same BASPS schedule from Rounds 1-4 will be used
for all categories.

Riders will be competing for both Series finale positions and the
accompanying prizelists but also 2006 NCNCA medals. Medals will be
presented to the top 3 in the following categories recognized by USA

Elite Men "A"
Elite Women "A"
Men Masters 35+ "A"
Men Masters 45+ "A"
Men Masters 55+
Women Masters 35+
Women Masters 45+
Women Masters 55+
Single Speed

Our BASP Series Category "B" and "C" races, while not eligible for
District medals, can console themselves with their top prizes in the
series that will be awarded during the day after a season that
started with dry and dusty Hellyer Park 2 months ago.

Our 2005 Champions will be introduced at the starting grid first,
followed by the Top-10 in BASP Series points with award ceremonies
all day long featuring Top 3 NCNCA medalists, then CCCP podium
positions for BASPS Round 5 and the final series awards presented
featuring unique Sheila Moon commemorative prizes.

Coyote point has plenty of parking, flush toilets! and even exterior
showers to hose down messy bikes because we could still see some
winter weather by this weekend. And by Winter we mean cold and
potential frost for the early morning races. When the frost melts we
could have some Coyote Point goo up in the Eucalyptus forests. We'll
present both the Accelerade and Bianchi double Barricade sections
with another attempt at providing a Hop-able single Summit Bikes
barricade - at a softer landing area than Golden Gate Park.

And please remember that Coyote Point, like many of our California
Recreation areas with severely impacted budgets, charges $5/car entry
that is independant of BASPS entry fees. And San Mateo County voters
turned down the most recent bond issues for parks, sigh.....

The course will be ready for pre-rides saturday about 3:00 pm and
we'll see you bright and early sunday morning - the coffee will be
on! And about that Russian music, Comrades? You'll get to like it by day's end, I always do. It makes a great podium presentation.

Tom & Alec - Pilarcitos Cyclesports
and the Mice who Roar!

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