Cycling Systems Clinics for 2010

This is a ‘heads-up’ to all of you who are asking for my next clinic. I had been pondering whether or not to actually hold any this year…It’s been awhile in coming but it sure looks like something is needed in the NCNCA for racing clinics. I am going to take my clinics ONE STEP HIGHER than ever before, combining my Racing Skills Fundamentals Clinic and portions of the Tactics! Tactics! Tactics! All in one six-hour session!
The dates below are pending but I will know in a few days if I have secured the location for the clinic. So, stay posted for further updates. You will then just have to follow the link from the NCNCA Clinics page to register with me.
THE DATES: 3/28, 5/9, 7/11 AND 8/22 PRICE: $110
While I will have less clinics than previous years, this combination will help you advance by combining the racing skills you need and some advanced strategies to keep you thinking and in the mix.
UPGRADE POINTS: This clinic is posted for 4 upgrade points from a Category 5 to a 4.
I look forward to working with all of you!

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