Cycles Gladiators Winners - CHAPEAU!!

Well, it took a couple of tries to get them just right, but we now have in hand the Cycles Gladiator Uninhibited Racer winners' hats!!

Every winner of Cycles Gladiator competitions in upcoming crits will not only receive a bottle of their fine vintage wine with the stellar cycling label (banned in 'Bama!!), but you'll also receive the same symbol of wanton absence of racing inhibition stamped to your forehead on the front panel of a high-quality baseball hat, embroidered with your well-earned plaudit ... "Most Aggressive Racer."

Those of you who have already won the competition this year, come see Jesster at any and every crit, and I'll festoon you in your deserved chapeau.

The list of winners for this year and past years, the fascinating story of the non-pornographic, non-sexist, nonetheless HOT label art, and all the details of the competition can be found at the Cycles Gladiator Wine website at:

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