Cycles Falcon Top Sprinter Results .... Almost all decided.

Many of the season-long contests are decided - some by tremendous margins - and a few are still too close to call pending this coming weekend's results at Folsom - the final races in the competition.

Cycles Gladiator Wine will be awarding the Top Sprinter Awards (a custom jacket and a case of their premium wine) on the podium at the Folsom Circuit Race on Sunday.

So if you're going to win one of these special prizes, BE THERE AT FOLSOM ON SUNDAY!! ('Cause if I have anything to say about it, we ain't shippin'!)

Here's how the competition stands, at least according to my Zebresque calculations:

Elite Pro/1/2:
Rand Miller, Webcor - 103
Ryan Parnes, Yahoo - 88

W Pro/1/2: Mary Elizabeth Maaaaaaaaroooooooonnnn!!!!!!! Touchstone

Master 35+ 1/2/3: Jan "Baby Huey" Weissenberger, Safeway/BP

Master 45+: Gregg "Can't Repeat Any of His Nicknames" Betonte, Safeway/BP

W 3/4:
Christine Sodaro, Colavita - 44
Amy Russo, Dolce Vita - 37

Elite 3:
Robert Skinner   44 TBS Racing
Robbie Franscioni   43 California Giant Cycling
Matthew TALBOTT 42 Clean Racer
Ryan Gadow 41 SJBC
Frank SPITERI 37 Peninsula Velo/Pomodoro
R Todd Crisafulli   37 Kovarus/ABTA
Paul Morris 34 UNR
Rainier Schaefer   34
Nick Hanni   32 Fusion Sport USA
Steven Larsen 28 Rio Strada Racing
Riley Oneal   27 UC Davis
Mark Fairman   26 Metromint Cycling

Elite 4:
Brandon Meadows   37 Rio Strada Racing
fergus tanaka   34 Freewheel
Martin Acosta   34
ryan thompson   27
Zach Starnes    27
Marco Carvajal   26
Rainier Schaefer   24 Godspeed Courier
Andrew Tight   23
Rob Brandt   23 Kryki Sports
Henry SCHOLZ 22 Team Roaring Mouse
Luciano Berry 22 SJBC
Ryan Ettl   22 Bicycle Planet
Anthony Ferretti   20 Chico Corsa
Cameron Barnes    20
Nicholas Harter    20 Peninsula Velo / Pomodoro

Master 35+ 4 (upgrade!!):
Kashy Ghazzagh   31 Team Norcal Bike Sport
stephen starr   22 Team NorCal Bike Sport
Bob McCamish 20 Rio Strada Racing
David Nasca    20 Folsom Bike
Raymond Rodriguez   20 2wheel cycling
Mitch Bramlett   18
Matt Connolly   16 Rio Strada Racing
Richard Nichols   15 Tri Valley Velo

I still have to figure this mess out. The good news is - you can't get wine anyway.

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