Conversations with Chris Carmichael

Howdy Folks,

Pete Sweeney of the Fightin Bobas and I have the honor of acting as Emcees for 2 town hall style forums with Chris Carmichael this coming Nov 14th (Saturday). This event will take place at John F Kennedy University in Pleasant Hill and is open for anyone who is interested in coming.

Pete and I will be grilling Chris on various topics including: His tenure as a top level Pro cyclist, the future of endurance sports, doping, new methodologies in training, and some obscure person named Lance. We will then open the each of the two forum sessions to an Open Mic segment for the audience to have at him J

Please come on down, this will be a very fun and informative 2 sessions with a world class coach/athlete.

Read below for Admission info and location details…take a peak at this link

Cheers all

Jonathan Lee

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