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I think the new race reports are a great feature, but I'd like to comment on some possible enhancements to the things we already come to the ncnca site for - race listings and results.

On the listings side, it would be great to have a way finding races which meet a certain criterion without reading every flyer. For example, just show me races offering a Masters 45+ field, or separate Juniors races. Or show me races in the Junior Points Series or the NCNCA Premier Series. Going further, show me only crits where Cat 2 is not combined with 1/Pro and the prize list for Cat 2 is over $1000. If the calendar is already being generated from a database some of this shouldn't be too tough to add - except that someone would have to enter the new data for each race.

My results-related idea actually turns out to be more about the race listings again. I don't know how many people know or care about the USA Cycling rankings, but it seems like a nice idea. The biggest weakness of the system is that your rank probably depends more on whether you attend races which report results to the system than on how good you are. For those who do care, it would be nice to be able to tell which races report results without reading every flyer. This would also encourage promoters to report results.

Steve Ryan

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