A Constructive Solution For the W3's & 4's

I published this reply on the third page of the "Merco Results" thread on the "Local Racing" section of the Forum, but it was so off the issue for that thread that I deemed it better to begin a discrete thread on the Women's group.
I realize that I'm merging at least three threads with this comment, but I have to point something out about pre-reg:

Quote:Brisbane Highlands Circuit Race - 3/31/07

EMen 2/3 - 17
EMen 4 - 57
EMen 5 - 10
EWomen - 2
MMen 1/2/3 - 7
MMen 4 - 44
MMen 5 - 14
MMen 45 - 26

Sierra Point Criterium - 4/1/07

EMen 2/3 - 21
EMen 4 - 48
EMen 5 - 6
EWomen 4 - 1
MMen 1/2/3 - 6
MMen 4 - 26
MMen 5 - 8
MMen 45 - 17

What is the most significant observation one can make about the pre-reg numbers Tom just gave us for Brisbane? I observed the same trend at Cherry Pie, at it inevitably contribute to some of the decisions we made about the fields.

The women aren't pre-registering.

For Cherry Pie we had something like six women preregistered three days before the race. I think 76 showed up once the sun came out.

The point is: Promoters are being asked to take a leap of faith to expand womens' field availability, but many female racers appear to be very selective and dilatory about commiting to our races aforehand. Which causes big losses to the clubs if the weather turns poor, and gives the promoters a gigantic headache and anxiety before race day (which does not encourage a repeat occurance the following year).

How are the organizers of the summer crits (currently meeting to prepare their race flyers) going to react when they see 1 or 2 preregistrants for the spring races when the 4's are nearly sold out?

So to merge the threads completely, before there are complaints about the field distributions at Cherry Pie and Cats Hill, the women should take Lorri's advice and become accustomed to preregistering. If promoters see significant numbers preregistered in the womens' fields for earlier races in the season, they are more likely to add a W4 or W3/4 field.

So now there are two constructive suggestions for improving the plight of the W3's & 4's: Introduce your generous sponsors to the race promoters, and demonstrate your commitment by preregistering.


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